CAT 328 D

C7 with ACERT Technology

ACERT Technology works at the point of combustion to optimize engine performance and provide low exhaust emissions while meeting U.S. EPA Tier 3 EPA/ARB Flexibility requirements.


The hydraulic system has been designed to provide reliability and outstanding controllability.

Operator Station

A ROPS cab provides maximum space, wider visibility and easy access to switches. The monitor is a full-color display that allows the operator to understand the machine information easily.


Caterpillar offers a wide variety of factory installed attachments that enhance performance and job site management.

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Product Description

The Cat C7 with ACERT Technology introduces a series of evolutionary, incremental improvements that provide breakthrough engine technology. The building blocks of ACERT Technology are fuel delivery, air management, and electronic control. ACERT Technology optimizes engine performance while meeting U.S. EPA Tier 3 EPA/ ARB Flexibility requirements and EPA/ARB Tier 4 Interim AB&T requirements for emission regulation.

The 328D LCR, equipped with the C7 engine with ACERT Technology provides 8 percent more horsepower as compared to the 3126B ATAAC HEUI in the 325C LCR.
Automatic Engine Speed Control
The two-stage, one-touch control maximizes fuel efficiency and reduces sound levels.

ADEM™ A4 Engine Controller
The ADEM A4 electronic control module manages fuel delivery to get the best performance per liter (gallon) of fuel used. The engine management system provides flexible fuel mapping, allowing the engine to respond quickly to varying application needs. It tracks engine and machine conditions while keeping the engine operating at peak efficiency.

Electronic Control Module
The Electronic Control Module (ECM) works as the “brain” of the engine’s control system, responding quickly to operating variables to maximize engine efficiency. Fully integrated with sensors in the engine’s fuel, air, coolant, and exhaust systems, the ECM stores and relays information on conditions such as rpm, fuel consumption, and diagnostic information.

Fuel Delivery
The Cat C7 features electronic controls that govern the fuel injection system. Multiple injection fuel delivery involves a high degree of precision. Precisely shaping the combustion cycle lowers combustion chamber temperatures, generating fewer emissions and optimizing fuel combustion. This translates into more work output for your fuel cost.


A: Width (Outside of Tracks):  11.3 ft in (3440 mm)
C: Ground Clearance : 1.7 ft in (510 mm)
D: Height (Top of Cab) : 10 ft in (3190 mm)
E: Tail Swing Radius : 6.3 ft in (1900 mm)
F: Counterweight Clearance :3.9 ft in (1200 mm)
G: Track Gauge : 8.5 ft in (2590 mm)
H: Shoe Size : 34 in (850 mm)

Option #1: Boom 20’2 (6150mm) / Stick 10’6 (3200mm)

M: Shipping Length : 32.3 ft in (9820 mm)
N: Shipping Height: 11.1 ft in (3370 mm)
O: Max Cutting Height: 36.4 ft in (11110 mm)
P: Max Loading Height:  26.4 ft in (8040 mm)
Q: Max Reach Horizontal: 34.7 ft in (10560 mm)
R: Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth: 20.5 ft in (6260 mm)
S: Max Digging Depth: 22.7 ft in (6920 mm)

Option #2: Boom 20’2 (6150mm) / Stick 8’8 (2650mm)

M: Shipping Length: 32.3 ft in (9830 mm)
N: Shipping Height: 11.2 ft in (3400 mm)
O: Max Cutting Height: 35.8 ft in (10910 mm)
P: Max Loading Height: 25.7 ft in (7820 mm)
Q: Max Reach Horizontal: 33.1 ft in (10080 mm)
R: Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth:  18.8 ft in (5730 mm)
S: Max Digging Depth: 20.9 ft in (6370 mm)


Make: Caterpillar
Model: C7 ACERT
Net Power: 204 hp (152 kw)
Displacement: 440 cu in (7.2 L)


Operating Weight: 72500 lb (32900 kg)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 106 gal (406 L)
Cooling System Capacity: 8.5 gal (32 L)
Hydrauilc System Capacity: 76.6 gal (290 L)
Engine Oil Capacity: 8.5 gal (32 L)
Swing Drive Hydraulic Fluid Capacity: 2.6 gal (10 L)
Operating Voltage: 24 V
Alternator Supplied Amperage: 65 amps
Hydraulic System Relief Pressure: 5221 psi (36000 kPa)
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity: 62 gal/min (235 L/min)

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed:  10.2 rpm
Swing Torque: 60628 lb ft (82200 Nm)


Nominal Bucket Capacity:  1.6 yd3 (1.2 m3)
Maximum Bucket Capacity: 2.6 yd3 (2 m3)


Number of Shoes per Side: 49
Shoe Size: 34 in (850 mm)
Number of Carrier Rollers per Side: 2
Number of Track Rollers per Side: 9
Max Travel Speed: 2.6 mph (4.2 km/h)
Drawbar Pull: 67443 lb (300 kN)
Track Gauge: 8.5 ft in (2590 mm)


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