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CAT 966H

Performance Series Buckets

The new Performance Series buckets are easier to load, achieve greater fill factors and retain more material for significantly greater productivity and fuel efficiency.

Work Tools
A large variety of pin-on and coupler work tools are available for your machine. Cat Work Tools are durable, reliable and designed for improved performance and efficiency.

Cab and Controls
The cab has been updated for unmatched comfort and efficiency. A new center display combines the Electronic Monitoring System with the gauge cluster, giving the operator all machine operating information in one location. The analog-like gauges have green and red zone indicators so operators can easily see if machine systems are within operating range. The right hand side sliding window opens widely and locks into position for comfortable communication to the ground staff or natural ventilation.

Transmission Improvements
The legendary Cat planetary powershift transmission is updated to provide faster acceleration, speed up ramps and greater operator comfort due to smoother shifting.

A new mono block main hydraulic valve is implemented into the machine. Its mono block design is smaller and lighter which improves reliability, access for service and machine weight distribution.

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Product Description

Engine – 966H

Engine Model Cat C11 ACERT
Net Power @ 1,800 rpm
ISO 9249/SAE J1349 194 kW 260 hp
Gross Power @ 1,800 rpm
ISO 14396 209 kW 281 hp
SAE J1995 213 kW 286 hp
Peak Net Torque @ 1,400 rpm
ISO 14396 1299 N·m 958 lbf-ft
Bore 130 mm 5 in
Stroke 140 mm 6 in
Displacement 11.1 L 677 in3

• The horsepower (hp) provided is imperial horsepower.
• Caterpillar engine with ACERT™ Technology – EPA Tier 3, EU Stage III Compliant
• These ratings apply at 1,800 rpm when tested under the specified standard conditions.
• Rating for net power advertised based on power available when the engine is equipped with alternator, air cleaner, muffler and on-demand hydraulic fan drive at maximum fan speed.

Weights – 966H

Operating Weight 23 125 kg 50,912 lb
• For 4.0 m3 (5.2 yd3) general purpose bucket with BOCE.

Buckets – 966H

  • Bucket Capacities 3.40-4.60 m3 4.45-6.02 yd3
  • Maximum Bucket Capacity 5.06 m3 6.62 yd3

Operating Specifications – 966H
Breakout Force 185 kN 41,695 lbf
Static Tipping Load, Full Turn (ISO) 14 028 kg 30,918 lb
Static Tipping Load, Full Turn 15 298 kg 33,718 lb
(No Tire Deflection)
• For 4.0 m3 (5.2 yd3) general purpose bucket with BOCE.

Transmission – 966H

Forward 1 6.7 km/h 4.2 mph
Forward 2 12.6 km/h 7.8 mph
Forward 3 22.1 km/h 13.7 mph
Forward 4 37.4 km/h 23.2 mph
Reverse 1 7.4 km/h 4.6 mph
Reverse 2 13.9 km/h 8.6 mph
Reverse 3 24.3 km/h 15.1 mph
Reverse 4 37.4 km/h 23.2 mph
• Maximum travel speeds (26.5-25 tires).


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